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Our highest-rated saddle pad collection of all time.

3 Pad Designs

Choose from 3 distinct offerings. They all share the most important core performance features, while offering unique designs for different horses & riders.

Every Pad Comes with Spine & Wither Freedom 

Fully open and vented spine channel

Change to wither freedom in seconds


What makes the SQUISH Pad amazing?

The SQUISH Pad's top layer of impact dampening gel foam absorbs the constant movements of horse & rider for a safer and more enjoyable ride.*

*Backed by pressure sensing mat test data. Scroll to see what we mean... 

The data says it all

We've extensively tested the SQUISH Pad™ with BodiTrak pressure mapping technology, and it has outperformed every pad we tested it against. 

It produces lower peak pressure, average pressure and force numbers than basic felt pads, impact-foam insert pads and plastic/poly insert pads. 

Learn which is best for your horse





Get the perfect fit

Quickly adjust the spine channel width to your horse's size and shape. (Feature available on PLUSH and SQUISH Pads)

Managing an asymmetrical, bridging or bouncing saddle?

Use the optional shim kit to further dial in your fit.


What's the difference between the 3 saddle pad models?

In short, we offer 3 models to allow riders to choose what they prefer between the most classic style pad to the most technical pad. 

While all 3 models have tons of fit and performance features built in, the CLASSIC Pad is the most streamlined traditional style saddle pad. On the other side of the spectrum, the SQUISH Pad is the most technically advanced performance pad.  

The PLUSH Pad is the middle ground between the two. It has a relatively traditional look, but also includes a vented and adjustable width spine channel.

What's the return policy?

Just like every product we offer, you're welcome to ride in your saddle pad and return it used within 90 days of receipt for a full refund. 

For international customers, we do not refund any duties or import fees that may be charged.

Why doesn't my pad ship the day I order it?

In most cases pad orders are made from scratch in our San Diego, CA facility. It takes anywhere from 3-14 days to make a pad.

What's the best flavor of ice cream?

Trick question. The answer is strawberry frozen yogurt!

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