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The classic 100% wool felt pad we all love, with a free spine channel and wither freedom discreetly built in. Read below for more details…

Spine Channel Webbing Color (Underside)


What makes the CLASSIC Pad amazing?

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The CLASSIC Pad was designed to accomplish a single goal: To be the best fitting traditional saddle pad available.
We took what we learned from years of developing and testing the SQUISH Pad, and managed to include some of the best performing fit features into the CLASSIC Pad - all while maintaining the look, feel and experience of a traditional felt saddle pad.

From the moment you take it out of the box, until you hang it up in the tack room after a ride, it will feel like any top-of-the-line wool felt pad. But your horse will have a notably better experience with the CLASSIC Pad than any other saddle pad. Here's why:

First, the completely open and free spine channel will remove pressure from your horse's spine. Every saddle has a gullet to take pressure off of the spine, and every saddle fitter knows the importance of protecting the spine. Yet, the CLASSIC Pad is the only traditional saddle pad on the market that has this important feature. 

Second, you can customize the CLASSIC Pad to your horse's topline with the hiding-in-plain-sight wither freedom feature. Choose between a traditional closed-front wither fit or an open wither freedom fit. This is another proven fit feature you will not find anywhere else. Scroll down for a video of it in action.

And just to add some fun, we're making the CLASSIC Pad in a variety of exotic leather colors (see photos) and multiple thicknesses. Since we make every one of these pads in our California facility, the sky's the limit with colors and patterns 🇺🇸.

A few more important details:

  • Open free spine channel.
  • Choose from 1/2″, 3/4" or 1" F10 wool felt.
  • Available in 28 & 30" Barrel (Rounded) or 30 & 32" Square.
  • All 28 and 30″ pads are 30″ wide. The 32″ pad is 32″ wide.
  • Included: both leather pieces to switch between a traditional closed front or a wither freedom setup.
  • Entirely made by us in our USA factory.
  • Fully protected by our 90 day “use it and abuse it” guarantee. If you don’t LOVE it after 3 months send it back for a full refund.

*This pad is made to order in our California facility – please allow up to 2 weeks from order date to shipping date.



Relieve spinal pressure under the saddle.


Switch from a traditional closed front design to wither freedom in seconds, for a perfect topline fit.


Choose from a variety of limited edition exotic leather accents.


Every CLASSIC Pad is made from scratch in our California facility.

The Fit Your Horse Needs - in a Simple Package

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