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Shoulder Relief Cinch™ - WESTERN

The Shoulder Relief Cinch™ improves saddle fit, provides elbow clearance and increases horse comfort! See the full description below...

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What makes this cinch amazing?

The patented (US Pat D917109) Shoulder Relief Cinch is the only one of its kind on the market.  It actually changes the angle and placement of the latigo on the horse to prevent the saddle from being pulled into the shoulder blades, resulting in a free shoulder and better saddle fit.  

You might be wondering, how?  The shape of the Shoulder Relief Cinch allows for the center of the cinch to sit in the horse's natural girth groove, while the sides are recessed backward and attach to the latigos farther back on the horse's body compared to a regular cinch.  This design makes the latigos more perpendicular to the ground and neutralizes forward pressure on the saddle (from the pull of the latigos).

More recently our cinch has been outfitted with the patent-pending Balance Buckle™. It is the strongest buckle on the market, made of 304 stainless steel - most other cinch buckles are plated iron. Functionally, the Balance Buckle™ is next level. The flat horizontal portions of the buckle keep the cinch evenly tightened on the horse's body. Since the Shoulder Relief Cinch is a unique shape, it really benefits from this feature.

Additionally, with the distinct shape of the Shoulder Relief Cinch, it is important to have the cinch centered over the horse's sternum. The Balance Buckle™ makes this a cinch ;) It has 2 latigo placements, which allow for fine tuning of the lateral position on the horse's barrel.  You can see this in a product video above.

On top of these functions, the shape of the Shoulder Relief Cinch also makes it great for elbow comfort. The cutaways in the cinch pull it back away from the horse's elbow. 

For the best durability and to prevent any stretching, the Shoulder Relief Cinch is fully backed with nylon webbing from end to end.  This gives the resilience of webbing with the look, touch and feel of leather.

Lastly, The Shoulder Relief Cinch uses a removable liner system.  You can choose between limestone neoprene, 100% wool felt or 100% wool fleece.  They simply peel on and off, so one cinch can be used with many liners.  A common practice is to keep 2 liners, so one can be in use while one is being washed. 

If you need even more comfort, there is also a StretchTec version of this Shoulder Relief Cinch available here: StretchTec Shoulder Relief Cinch

The Shoulder Relief Cinch is available in BLACK and BROWN leather in even sizes 24-36 inches.



Offset from center to buckles redirects the billet line to keep the saddle off the shoulders.


304 stainless steel make this the strongest buckle on the market, with endless fit capabilities. 


Peak pressure in regular girths is at the elbow. The cutback sides move girth away from horse’s elbow to alleviate this pressure.


Choose between limestone neoprene, 100% wool felt or 100% wool fleece.  Liners peel and stick with velcro, enabling 10 second liner changes.

Why the Balance Buckle?

The Shoulder Relief Cinch has a unique shape, and a unique buckle makes it perform even better. We custom designed the Balance Buckle™ to give even pressure distribution and symmetrical placement on the horse's body. Here's how it works:


The flat horizontal bars on the Balance Buckle™ keep the latigo and off-billet centered, with an even pull over the surface of the cinch. It prevents the sloppy unstable pull of a traditional cinch buckle, which is a huge complement to the function of the Shoulder Relief Cinch.


The 2 off-billet attachment positions allows for fine tuning of the cinch over the horse's sternum. This is a feature unique to the Shoulder Relief Cinch because is performs at its best when it is symmetrically centered over the sternum. 

Example: If the cinch is slightly to the right of the sternum centerline, you would move the off-billet from the bottom to the top position on the buckle to allow the cinch slightly more length to center over the sternum.


Many brands claim they use "stainless steel" buckles, but that is not true - they are wire buckles with a thin stainless plating.  The Balance Buckle™ is made of 100% 304 stainless steel. It is the ONLY buckle on the market made of this material (and costs 4x more to manufacture than a regular cinch buckle), and is by far the strongest buckle on the market.

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