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Shoulder Relief Cinch™ - Limited Edition Colors

The Shoulder Relief Cinch™ improves saddle fit, provides elbow clearance and increases horse comfort! See the full description below...


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What makes this cinch amazing?

The patented (US Pat D917109) Shoulder Relief Cinch is the only one of its kind on the market.  And now it's available with limited edition teal or ostrich accents.  It actually changes the angle and placement of the latigo on the horse to prevent the saddle from being pulled into the shoulder blades, resulting in a free shoulder and better saddle fit.  

You might be wondering, how?  The shape of the Shoulder Relief Cinch allows for the center of the cinch to sit in the horse's natural girth groove, while the sides are recessed backward and attach to the latigos farther back on the horse's body compared to a regular cinch.  This design makes the latigos more perpendicular to the ground and neutralizes forward pressure on the saddle (from the pull of the latigos).

Additionally, the shape of the Shoulder Relief Cinch also makes it great for elbow comfort. The cutaways in the cinch pull it back away from the horse's elbow. 

For the best durability and to prevent any stretching, the Shoulder Relief Cinch is fully backed with nylon webbing from end to end.  This gives the resilience of webbing with the look, touch and feel of leather.

Lastly, The Shoulder Relief Cinch uses a removable liner system.  You can choose between limestone neoprene, 100% wool felt or 100% wool fleece.  They simply peel on and off, so one cinch can be used with many liners.  A common practice is to keep 2 liners, so one can be in use while one is being washed. 

If you need even more comfort, there is also a StretchTec version of this Shoulder Relief Cinch available here: StretchTec Shoulder Relief Cinch

The LE Shoulder Relief Cinch is available in black w/ ostrich leather and brown w/ teal leather, in even sizes 28-34 inches.

More reasons to love this cinch


Offset from center to buckles redirects the billet line to keep the saddle off the shoulders.


The entire cinch is lined with nylon webbing to resist stretching, while keeping the supple look and feel of leather.


Peak pressure in regular girths is at the elbow. The cutback sides move girth away from horse’s elbow to alleviate this pressure.


Choose between limestone neoprene, 100% wool felt or 100% wool fleece.  Liners peel and stick with velcro, enabling 10 second liner changes.

How it Works

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