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SLIM Stability Stirrup Leathers™

Updated for 2022, stirrup leathers just got a whole lot better. The SLIM Stability Stirrup Leathers’ wide-body design brings an unprecedented level of stability to a rider’s leg, while at the same time creates a smoothness on the flap that makes them disappear under the leg. Read below for more details…


Why are these stirrup leathers amazing?

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Updated and improved in 2022, stirrup leathers just got a whole lot better. Try them out for 90 days, and if they don’t make a huge impact on your riding we will pay your return shipping! Offer only valid for US orders.

SLIM Stability Stirrup Leathers are now available in an intelligent low-profile design that removes the buckle bulkiness of traditional stirrup leathers from under the saddle skirt, leaving a rider feeling nothing but the comfort of the saddle. This unique design also allows a rider to configure the stirrup irons to be rotated 90° from traditional positioning to alleviate knee strain (see above photo gallery for example).

The SLIM Stability Stirrup Leathers’ wide-body design brings an unprecedented level of stability to a rider’s leg by providing a broader contact area on the saddle flap. Traditional 1 inch wide stirrup leathers have an inherent instability against the flap due to their height to width ratio. This either causes the two layers shift independently of one another, or the entire leather to rotate.

SLIM Stability Stirrup Leathers solve this problem by reducing the stirrup leathers to a single layer of leather and broadening the portion of the leathers that touch the flap. These 2 design elements provide an unparalleled level of stability not possible in traditional stirrup leathers.

The secondary benefit of this wide-body design, is the unbelievably smooth feeling under the rider’s leg. By the same mechanism that provides stability, they smooth out the transition from stirrup leather to saddle flap to create a feeling of “no leathers” under the leg. When this is paired with the ultra-slim design under the saddle skirt, it becomes the most comfortable stirrup leather available.

Another key benefit of the SLIM Stability Stirrup Leathers comes from the material selection. The entire body and strap of the leathers is covered in soft calf leather. Internally, nylon webbing runs through 100% of the leathers, from the stirrup bar to the tip of the strap, which guarantees these leather WILL NOT STRETCH.

SLIM Stability Stirrup Leathers are designed deliberately in two styles, either JUMP or DRESSAGE in sizes Small, Medium or Large, which fit like 48″, 54″ and 60″ traditional leathers, respectively.

More specifically the size ranges are as follows:

Jump Small: 18-22 inches

Jump Medium: 19-23.5 inches

Dressage Medium: 21-26.5 inches

Dressage Large: 22-28 inches

Maximum saddle flap length (measured top of stirrup bar to bottom of flap):

Jump Small: 15 inches

Jump Medium: 16 inches

Dressage Medium: 17 inches

Dressage Large: 18.5 inches

Please note that due to the unique design of the SLIM Stability Stirrup Leathers, the irons (stirrups) cannot be “run up” onto the saddle flap for storage. They must be crossed over the seat of the saddle instead (or left in place).



The wide-body design allows for a broader contact patch on the flap, which results in a calmer and more secure leg.


A more gradual transition from the stirrup leather to the flap makes the leathers disappear and gives a "no leathers" feeling.


Buckles are placed at the bottom, below the flap, to keep it as slim as possible under the saddle skirt.

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