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Additional Liners - StretchTec - ENGLISH

Additional Liners - StretchTec - ENGLISH

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Get additional removable Leather or Neoprene Covers for your StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth! See the full description below.

*Not compatible with WESTERN StretchTec Cinch

Get additional removable Wool Fleece, Leather or Neoprene liners (covers) for your StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth!

Choose between these material options:

  • Black 10 mm limestone neoprene (industry standard is only 5 mm thick)
  • Black or brown leather with EVA foam padding
  • Black or white 100% wool fleece

All of the liners attach securely by velcro to the StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth leather body, and can easily be interchanged for washing, showing or any other reason you might want to swap them. They are all uniquely stretchable to complement the stretching benefits of the StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth.

As usual, every liner is backed by our 90 day 100% money back promise!

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