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Most recommended cinch by vets & saddle fitters, with 1000's sold.

Let 'em Breathe

The unique elastic center let's the horse's sternum "sink" into the cinch. This creates softer contact that moves with them while breathing.

How it Frees Shoulder Movement

The StretchTec Shoulder Relief Cinch moves the latigos back, and prevents the saddle from being pulled into the shoulder's range of motion.

The offset between the center of the cinch and the buckles sets the cinch in the horse's natural girth groove, while allowing the latigos to attach farther back on the horse's body. 

This keeps the saddle off the shoulders and prevents it from sliding forward.



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So Many Comfortable Horses 

A Favorite of Barrel Racers

The StretchTec Shoulder Relief Cinch is a must for riders that need maximum range of motion and performance from their horses. 

Patented Design

Covered by 2 USPTO patents, Total Saddle Fit is the only place to find a StretchTec Shoulder Relief Cinch (patent #D917109 & D843666).

Elbow Comfort Cutaways

Contours around the elbow to reduce cinch galls and elbow interference. 

Quick Change Liners

Liners peel off in seconds for easy cleaning and 2 material choices: neoprene or wool fleece.

All Time Best Seller

The Shoulder Relief Cinch line of cinches has been our best selling product category for 5 years running.

Balance Buckle

The Balance Buckle was designed to compliment the unique shape of the StretchTec Shoulder Relief Cinch. 

It enables even contact over the horse's body, and allows for perfectly symmetrical placement on the horse's sternum.

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StretchTec Shoulder Relief Cinch™ - WESTERN
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