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Free Range of Motion
  • Restricted Shoulders?

  • Reluctant to Go Forward?

  • Girth Galls?

  • Uneven Pressure?

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1000's of customers swear by the StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth.

Free the Shoulders

Contoured shape sets the center of the girth in the horse's natural girth groove, while the buckles attach farther back on the body and prevent the saddle from pulling into the shoulders.

Let 'em Breathe

Unique center elastic allows the chest to expand and contract with the breath, and makes for soft even contact over the sternum.

The Physics

The offset between the center of the girth and the buckles sets the girth in the horse's natural girth groove, while allowing the billets to attach farther back on the horse's body. 

This keeps the saddle off the shoulders and prevents it from sliding forward.



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So Many Happy Horses

Trainer Recommended

1 out of 5 customers purchase on their trainer's recommendation.

Elbow Comfort Cutaways

Contours around the elbow reduce girth galls and elbow interference. 

Patented Design

With a USPTO patent, Total Saddle Fit is the only place to find StretchTec technology (patent # D843,666).

Size for Every Saddle

Available for jump and dressage saddles with many liner choices.

Western Saddle? We got you.

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StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth™ - English
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