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The “B” Word: What Most Saddle Fitters Don’t Talk About

You’ve probably had your ear chewed off by your saddle fitter discussing how to make your saddle fit using billet design, right?? NOT!  If you’re saddle fitter has discussed it then I applaud her, as she is most certainly in the minority.  The large majority of saddle fitters like to discuss flocking adjustments as the…

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The Simplest & Most Overlooked Key in Saddle Fitting

Some of us “lucky ones” have dealt with a hard-to-fit horse or have been though some kind of saddle fit nightmare.  We’ve had to learn first-hand how detailed and complicated saddle fitting can be.  There’s so much to worry about! Are the panels and tree the right size? Are the flaps the right length and in the…

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Tree Sizing: Get Past the Fluff!

Tree width is the number one metric riders use when trying to determine if a saddle will fit their horse. You’ve probably heard (or said yourself) something to the effect of “My boy has big shoulders, so he needs a wide” or “my skinny little Thoroughbred needs a narrow”. While these statements in many cases…

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