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Saddle Pads to the Rescue! When, Why & How to Use Each

If you are already using a saddle pad strategically to help your saddle fit, good for you! This should give you a little more detail about how to do it better. If you still think a saddle pad is just a piece of cloth to protect your saddle from a sweaty horse… oh my, you’re in for an eye opening experience! If you’ve read any of my other articles you’ve probably read about the importance of saddle balance, possibly to the extent that I sound like a broken record! But balance IS that important and the biggest advantage of modern pads is that they can help to correct an unbalanced saddle!

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Tree Sizing: Get Past the Fluff!

Tree width is the number one metric riders use when trying to determine if a saddle will fit their horse. You’ve probably heard (or said yourself) something to the effect of “My boy has big shoulders, so he needs a wide” or “my skinny little Thoroughbred needs a narrow”. While these statements in many cases…

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Panels, Panels, Panels! And Why Your Horse Cares

If you’ve been an equestrian for more than 20 minutes you’ve probably heard some version of the “wool versus foam” panel debate. This article is not really about that benefits of wool compared to foam (or vice versa), since that topic has been beaten to death. But we will touch on it for a moment…

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