Shoulder Relief Girth™ – Synthetic

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The synthetic version of the original saddle-fit girth! Get more shoulder freedom, better elbow clearance and the perfect anatomically-friendly design with the Synthetic Shoulder Relief Girth. Details below…

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The world renown Shoulder Relief Girth™ now comes in a synthetic version! Now there is a Shoulder Relief Girth™ for those horses that don’t tolerate leather or fleece well, but still need the saddle fit and shoulder freedom benefits the girth provides (Read Details Here).  It also boasts:

  • Antimicrobial and easy to clean material, available for DRESSAGE (sizes 18-34) and JUMP (sizes 38-56).
  • Fully compatible with our custom-shaped 100% wool fleece cover (Click Here to Buy).
  • Padded and reinforced girth body.
  • Double elastic on both ends, for horse comfort.
  • Stainless steel buckles and hardware.
  • The most budget-friendly Shoulder Relief Girth available!

This girth is backed by our 90 day, 100% money back guaranty!


How it works

Measurement Diagram Dressage Large

Up close with the Synthetic Shoulder Relief Girth:

In case you are more visual, see the “How it Works” video here (Note: this is for the leather version, but the function is the same):




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Dressage Black 18", Dressage Black 20", Dressage Black 22", Dressage Black 24", Dressage Black 26", Dressage Black 28", Dressage Black 30", Dressage Black 32", Dressage Black 34", Jump Brown 38", Jump Brown 40", Jump Brown 42", Jump Brown 44", Jump Brown 46", Jump Brown 48", Jump Brown 50", Jump Brown 52", Jump Brown 54", Jump Brown 56"

16 reviews for Shoulder Relief Girth™ – Synthetic

  1. Kaitlyn Lucas (verified owner)

    TSF hit it out of the park when they released this girth. I recently got a dressage saddle and now that my horse is at a healthy weight, I needed to upgrade my girth. I ordered a 22″ and it fits just right. My mare has a weird confirmation (short back, athletic, forward girth groove, narrow and downhill) and I feel this girth combined with my correction half pad has made a world of different in saddle fit and horse comfort. It is a thick material but flexible and the buckles have a bit of elastic and stretch to them. I have used this girth on trail rides, schooling sessions and in shows and I just hose it off in-between. I eagerly await the release of the AP length in synthetic as well, I will be first in line to snatch it up.

  2. Prudence H. (verified owner)

    I’m pleased with the quality of the product AND the communication from the company!

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    This makes all the difference in my two very differently shaped mares. Thanks so much!!

  5. Carol (verified owner)

    very nice!

  6. Nancy Ryder (verified owner)

    The note says the outward curve of the girth should face front. The lettering on the girth is then backwards. This is a production fault, and I should receive a credit.

  7. Rosanne H. (verified owner)

    I love this girth; I have a Black Country jump saddle with long billets and a mare who is wide and short backed. This girth fits great, doesn’t rub and keeps the saddle more stable than the regular short girth I was using before. Thank you!

  8. Aurelie C. (verified owner)

    Looks very good but not tried yet

  9. Christian (verified owner)

    The girth sores have all disappeared. The saddle that used to slide forward on my pony has stayed in place without a crupper. Yay!

  10. Loren Pederson (verified owner)

    This girth is awesome! I’ve tried everything for my poor arab and everything rubs her raw no matter what I do until a friend recomend this one it works finally! It breathes and sits far away from her elbows and keeps my saddle in the perfect place no more slipping back. Thank you guys for making such an amazing girth.

  11. Morgan Draper Vaughn (verified owner)

    I’m old school and it takes me a long time to try new things, but after having my saddle fitted to my horse it was time to try the anatomical girth. Upon first ride I noticed a positive difference in the reach through my horses shoulders and lift in his back. I’m tremendously pleased.

  12. Ruth Ferland (verified owner)

  13. Savannah (verified owner)

    I normally wouldn’t spend this much on a girth, but I started leasing a very tiny Arabian mare that was getting rubs with every girth I used. I started using the TSF because it was cut away from the elbows where she was getting rubs, and also came in an 18″ (because that’s how tiny this mare is). While we did have less rubs, they didn’t entirely go away until I purchased the sheepskin cover, and now she is rub free! It was an expensive solution but it did work. I’m very pleased.

  14. Jacqueline R. (verified owner)

    Fits my short backed Arabian perfectly and he’s finally comfortable being girthed up! The saddle is super secure and the girth is amazing quality. I’m planning on ordering another one just for comp days.

  15. Amanda (verified owner)

    This girth is awesome! I nearly gave it four stars just because the buckles bunch up and overlap a little on each other due to the tightness of the nylon keeper that holds your billets down flat while in use. I love the girth so much it gets a five despite that, and I’m thinking that it will likely stretch out over time and fit the billets better as it ages and possible the buckles will then lay flat? We’ll see! Thanks, Total Saddle Fit! Love it!

  16. Kathrine Sutley (verified owner)

    Fits both my QH and TB great! I can’t wait to save up and get the leather one!

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