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With a foundation rooted in the ultra-effective Shoulder Relief Girth™, the StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth™ brings the next level of intuition to functional girths.  See more details below to learn why this patented girth is the most technologically advanced girth ever…

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With a foundation rooted in the ultra-effective Shoulder Relief Girth™, the StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth™ brings the next level of intuition to functional girths.  It is hands downs the most technologically advanced girth available. Not only does the StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth™ provide the same shoulder freedom and elbow comfort as its predecessor, but it has a one-of-a-kind patented (US Patent No. D843,666) triangular center elastic feature for additional performance. The triangular center elastic allows the StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth™ to expand with the 1.5 cm chest expansion that horses experience while breathing.  Its design also allows it to stretch in a more anatomically friendly way to contour better to a horse’s barrel and provide even contact through the sternum area.

On top of the functional and performance benefits, the StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth™ also comes with a removable and interchangeable liner (cover). This makes washing easier and gives you many more options.  Now your one girth can easily be changed from leather lining to neoprene lining.

The StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth™ also features:

  • Intelligent looped billet keepers which remain low profile and are virtually indestructible.
  • Available in sizes 18-34″ for dressage and 46-56″ for jump, with 4 different liner types (jump only offered in leather liner).
  • English leather girth body with stainless steel hardware
  • Double center D ring with included (removable) leather strap for compatibility with any attachment.
  • Our one-of-a-kind patented design (US Patent No. D843,666).

This girth is backed by our 30 day 100% money back guaranty!

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Size, Color & Liner

Black 18" w/ Leather Liner, Black 18" w/ Neoprene Liner, Black 18" w/ Black Fleece Liner, Black 18" w/ White Fleece Liner, Black 20" w/ Leather Liner, Black 20" w/ Neoprene Liner, Black 20" w/ Black Fleece Liner, Black 20" w/ White Fleece Liner, Black 22" w/ Leather Liner, Black 22" w/ Neoprene Liner, Black 22" w/ Black Fleece Liner, Black 22" w/ White Fleece Liner, Black 24" w/ Leather Liner, Black 24" w/ Neoprene Liner, Black 24" w/ Black Fleece Liner, Black 24" w/ White Fleece Liner, Black 26" w/ Leather Liner, Black 26" w/ Neoprene Liner, Black 26" w/ Black Fleece Liner, Black 26" w/ White Fleece Liner, Black 28" w/ Leather Liner, Black 28" w/ Neoprene Liner, Black 28" Black Fleece Liner, Black 28" w/ White Fleece Liner, Black 30" w/ Leather Liner, Black 30" w/ Neoprene Liner, Black 30" w/ Black Fleece Liner, Black 30" w/ White Fleece Liner, Black 32" w/ Leather Liner, Black 32" w/ Neoprene Liner, Black 32" w/ Black Fleece Liner, Black 32" w/ White Fleece Liner, Black 34" w/ Leather Liner, Black 34" w/ Neoprene Liner, Black 34" w/ Black Fleece Liner, Black 34" w/ White Fleece Liner, Brown 18" w/ Leather Liner, Brown 18" w/ Neoprene Liner, Brown 18" w/ Black Fleece Liner, Brown 18" w/ White Fleece Liner, Brown 20" w/ Leather Liner, Brown 20" w/ Neoprene Liner, Brown 20" w/ Black Fleece Liner, Brown 20" w/ White Fleece Liner, Brown 22" w/ Leather Liner, Brown 22" w/ Neoprene Liner, Brown 22" w/ Black Fleece Liner, Brown 22" w/ White Fleece Liner, Brown 24" w/ Leather Liner, Brown 24" w/ Neoprene Liner, Brown 24" w/ Black Fleece Liner, Brown 24" w/ White Fleece Liner, Brown 26" w/ Leather Liner, Brown 26" w/ Neoprene Liner, Brown 26" w/ Black Fleece Liner, Brown 26" w/ White Fleece Liner, Brown 28" w/ Leather Liner, Brown 28" w/ Neoprene Liner, Brown 28" Black Fleece Liner, Brown 28" w/ White Fleece Liner, Brown 30" w/ Leather Liner, Brown 30" w/ Neoprene Liner, Brown 30" w/ Black Fleece Liner, Brown 30" w/ White Fleece Liner, Brown 32" w/ Leather Liner, Brown 32" w/ Neoprene Liner, Brown 32" w/ Black Fleece Liner, Brown 32" w/ White Fleece Liner, Brown 34" w/ Leather Liner, Brown 34" w/ Neoprene Liner, Brown 34" w/ Black Fleece Liner, Brown 34" w/ White Fleece Liner, JUMP Brown 46" w/ Leather Liner, JUMP Brown 48" w/ Leather Liner, JUMP Brown 50" w/ Leather Liner, JUMP Brown 52" w/ Leather Liner, JUMP Brown 54" w/ Leather Liner, JUMP Brown 56" w/ Leather Liner

28 reviews for StretchTec Shoulder Relief Girth™ – English

  1. Michaeleen M Prest (verified owner)

    This is absolutely the best girth ever!!! It has provided the much needed shoulder relief for my horse, the saddle does not move and my horse is comfortable for all our rides. At the barn, I was the first to use this girth — and now other riders want to know about it. Thank you for designing a girth that truly addresses a significant concern for many riders and horses. I have a happy horse with no slipping saddle and shoulders that move freely and with comfort.

  2. Heather Charlick (verified owner)

    I love this girth! I have other anatomical girths that work fairly well, but the key to this one is the elastic in the middle. If you have a horse who is round or has well sprung ribs you need to get this girth. Helps tremendously with rolling and slipping. I have two Gypsy Vanners and we they are so much happier with this girth as am I as I don’t have to tighten the girth as much and my saddle no longer slips. I am ordering a second one!

  3. Susan Blanding-Wilson (verified owner)

    This is an amazing girth. The elastic is just right. The girth does not need to be super tight because the shape allows it to stay in place. My warm blood mare has big, sloping shoulders with a very forward girth grove. Her saddle is a mono-flap with a V billet system. With this girth the saddle is very stable and stays off her shoulders. She is so happy in this girth. Thank you!

  4. Lauren Bamford (verified owner)

    This girth has the most contour to any of the ones I have seen. I have used the stretchtek girth on at least 5 different horses and each has had a positive response to the give in the girth. Their reactions ranged from breathing more deeply to being almost immediately more relaxed. And in one instance it improved the stability of the saddle immensely. I have now just seen this girth comes in dark brown which was my one reservation when I bought mine. I’ll just have to save some money and get another one!

  5. Joanne

    This girth is amazing for both horse and rider! I ride using a dressage saddle especially made for a woman’s pelvis along with the flex/freedom panels. This girth not only expands but flexs as well as provides an extremely secure saddle fit. My Lusitania didn’t flinch an ear as the girth was tighten. I believe the innovative technology between the sternum placed elastic and soft hugging of the neoprene is a winner! Will be buying one for my trainer! I ordered a 28 and it fits my horse as a 28. Love how you can peel off the neoprene from the outer leather elastic girth.

  6. Jill Ellis

    I ordered this girth for my treeless saddle and hoping it would be more comfortable for my horse. I believe it is as she will now trot willing and for a longer period of time than before. I have to believe it is because the elastic allows her more freedom in her breathing and flexing of the muscles. I am really glad I ordered this one. It is more expensive but I think it was worth the additional cost.

  7. Faith

    If you’re on the fence about this girth, just buy it!! I have a friesian cross with massive shoulders, and my saddle would slip forward onto her shoulders no matter how many non-slip girths and saddle pads I used. Saddle fit wasn’t an issue–saddle fits both her and myself wonderfully. Finally I figured out that the girth was pulling the saddle forward–she has a ridiculously far forward girth groove. This girth is the ONLY one that works!! I honestly used to have to get off every 15 minutes to move her saddle backward, this made my life so much easier, and my horse so much more comfortable! I’ve had it for nearly 2 years, and there’s absolutely zero wear on it; extremely durable and well made girth!

  8. Amy Bushell (verified owner)

    I use this girth on all of my horses from youngsters to experienced eventers. I cannot thank you enough for producing something so in tune with a horse’s needs. None of my saddles slip with these births and even the girthy/sensitive horses work beautifully in it !! I can’t put into words how IN LOVE I am with its quality and design. The customer service is also outstanding and although based in England, I won’t be buying my future girths from anywhere else !!
    Thank you!

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Excellent product and great service. My gelding was very comfortable and the saddle did not move at all. I would definitely recommend.

  10. Tristan Lloyd (verified owner)

    It’s only been a few days but I think my mare likes it. Seems I don’t need to have the girth as tight which is good for her. Fits well. Cleans up easily.

  11. Cristina V. Kelleher (verified owner)

    Purchased for my 5 year old Lipizzan/Percheron cross gelding. He has not liked other “anatomical” girths but absolutely loves this girth. While the shoulder relief was an absolute must, I purchased this girth for the elastic panel at the sternum hoping it would help him recover his breath easier during workouts. I noticed a difference with his breath recovery after our very first ride with this girth. The neoprene keeps the girth right in place and is easy to wash. Now everyone else at the barn wants one!

  12. Vickie (verified owner)

  13. Laura P. (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service along with a great product! The stretch girth is perfect for my hard-to-fit round shouldered and short backed horse; the girth allows the billets to hang straight down so the saddle stays perfectly positioned. The stretch factor allows easier breathing and holds the saddle without overly tightening. Thank you, Total Saddle Fit! : )

  14. Anne F. (verified owner)

    Well made AND it arrived in time for my show! Thanks!

  15. Katlin H. (verified owner)

    Amazing, so in love with it!! Cannot believe the difference that it has made to my saddle fitting and horses way of going!

  16. Linda Waugaman (verified owner)

    Love this girth! Gives my 24 year old gelding the ability to really use his front legs.

  17. Lysane (verified owner)

    I no longer have any issues with rubs at the elbows and have bought this girth as a back up to have two for long or multi-day endurance rides.

  18. Taylor (verified owner)

  19. Taylor (verified owner)

  20. bill petrillo (verified owner)

    This girth was beautiful, but more important than that it works wonderfully. I don’t need to tighten it near as much as I did my old girth. My gelding seems more at ease and not the slightest hint of slippage. I definitely recommend this for any horse lover.

  21. Kristen Closson (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this girth. Offer relief through the sternum and chest and gives me more freedom in the shoulder. It also keeps my saddle in place which was something I struggled with with the other styles of sternum supporting Firth’s. Thanks so much for your fabulous product.

  22. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I’ve only used the girth five times…lengthy varied terrain trail 1x and dressage 4x. It was so great, keep saddle in place, on hills and loving the fleece liner. I have a total fit girth for my jump saddle and because I’ve been so happy with it, I purchased this for my dressage saddle. My horse is an easy fit, but couldn’t be happier.

  23. Eileen Buckley (verified owner)

    Beautiful girth My horse seems to really like it and it’s easy on my hands to cinch up. I did order a size too large waiting to hear about a return to get the next size down. Otherwise no complaints

  24. Lesley Armstrong (verified owner)

    Fantastic girth and customer service! I ordered one and it was too long, I returned it and within a few days the shorter one arrived, very fast turn around! I love this girth, and the fact that it has the stretchy section in the middle. My horse seems to be breathing better, and he has so much more elbow room. This girth is very well made, and is beautiful. I ordered the black fleece, and I really like the fact that you don’t have to wash the entire girth, that you can remove the fleece for washing. Great product!

  25. Karen C (verified owner)

    The StretchTec girth is fantastic. I have a Tennessee Walking Horse who is barrel shaped and mutton withered, and saddle slip has been a problem. Also, she developed girthiness after being diagnosed with gastric ulcers. This girth is different than any other I’ve seen or tried. It really gives her the shoulder freedom she needs, helps stabilize the saddle, and she is not showing any girthiness. Her gait is the best it’s been since I got her 10 months ago. I’m surprised and very pleased at what a difference it has made. I got the leather cover, but may try the sheepskin for the winter.

  26. Jenny Haste

    I would be more likely to try this if you could offer jump lengths with the option for a fleece liner.

  27. Steven J P. (verified owner)

    I have a 14-year-old Mare. She is insulin resistant and a bit heavy! She also has asthma and I have to nebulize her when the weather is humid. I decided to use this girth and see how it would work on her. I have a treeless saddle. And I wasn’t sure how it would do with her. So far on the couple of rides I’ve had it has been excellent! On the second ride we got into ground bees and that saddle stayed put as I did a quick dismount and she laid down to roll! That’s another story. I plan on another four or five rides, and one of them to be three hours! That will be the true test. Because of the 90 day guarantee I feel confident that I can give this a true test. She has thin skin in the elbow area and usually after a long ride she has hair rubbed off. In the spring before she toughens up I have galls! I will keep you posted but after the bee incident where I was sitting on the ground and she started to lay down to roll, and she got up and ran off with a parcel of bees chasing her! The saddle did not move at all! I was impressed! She is a TWH and shoulder movement is very important!!!!

  28. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My horse was getting sores from her regular girth. She is much happier in this and no more sores or rubbing.

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