Shoulder Relief Girth™ – Dressage

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The saddle-fit girth that redirects your billet line to give your horse’s shoulders more freedom from the saddle, better comfort and increased elbow clearance. See more details below…

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The dressage size of the highly acclaimed girth can be used for dressage as well as any jump saddle that uses long billets (often monoflap).  The Shoulder Relief Girth™ actually changes the position and angle of the billets to prevent the saddle from interfering with the shoulder (details here).

It is built with absolutely top notch leather, along with flawless craftsmanship and includes the following features:

  • Padded calf skin inside, with durable English hide exterior for long life.
  • Double elastic on both ends with SS buckles, for horse comfort.
  • Compatible with 100% wool fleece liner (Click here to buy).
  • Available in black or brown in sizes 18-34 inches (select from drop-down menu).
  • Indestructible looped keeper design will not break.

This girth is backed by our 90 day 100% money back guaranty!


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In case you are more visual, see the “How it Works” video here:




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34 reviews for Shoulder Relief Girth™ – Dressage

  1. Taylor

    Let me firth start out by saying: I love this girth! My very sensitive, girthy horse stood still and did not try to bite, or even pin his ears as I was tightening this girth. That’s a major accomplishment in itself! Love the underside, very nice padding without being too bulky. The shoulder relief technology works like a charm, and keeps the saddle back where it belongs. I would give this girth 10/5 stars if possible! Will definitively recommend to others!

    • tsf (verified owner)

      Thank you so so much Taylor! That is so great to hear it is working for him! And great to hear our hard work is really helping horses (and people)!!

  2. Camille (verified owner)

    My mare is the poster child for the shoulder relief girth! When I first got her, both my trainer and saddle fitter told me that I would have to look into anatomical girths and I cringed, knowing the price tag of most anatomical girths. The shoulder relief girth was a wonderful, affordable surprise! My saddle actually stays in place and saves from me constantly having to fiddle with the girth whenever it slips into her forward girth groove. It also gives my horse the freedom to move the way she is supposed to. Now that my dressage saddle is in for a reflock, I’m definitely measuring her for a second shoulder relief girth for our close contact saddle.

    I would recommend this to anyone looking to optimize saddle fit (aka everyone). It’d be a shame to spend thousands on a custom saddle, just to have it slip forward! I feel that this girth is the best value product in the entire saddle market.

    • tsf (verified owner)

      Thank you so so much for sharing! I’m so glad the Shoulder Relief Girth helped your horse!


  3. Emily Adams

    I wish I had found your girths sooner! The leather and padding is very soft and quality excellent. I had previously invested in an Italian name brand anatomical girth to try and stop the saddle from slipping forward. It did work but your design and quality is comparable and much more economical. If I had to pick my most useful, favorite piece of tack, it is the shoulder relief girth. Would recommend it first to anyone!

  4. Seanna (verified owner)

    Love, love, LOVE this girth! It allows me to put my saddle right where I need it, and my mare is so much better for it! I also appreciate that this is a girth that’s in a very reasonable price point for me. Now, is there any chance a girth like this is in the works for a western saddle??? 🙂

    • tsf (verified owner)

      Thank you for the kind words! Yes! A Western Shoulder Relief Girth (cinch) will be available later this summer!

  5. Allison (verified owner)

    I absolutely LOVE these girths. I am a true believer that they are much more comfortable and create a better saddle fit. The quality is beyond excellent, especially for the price. I will never use any other kind of girth and I plan on buying another!

  6. Birgitte (verified owner)

    Very happy with this girth! My Icelandic horse who is very low at the withers, but also has big shoulders and a forward girth position has benefited from this, and I will more than likely get a second one. He seems a lot happier and I don´t have to jump off again and again to re-position the saddle (which fits his back, mind, but literally everything ever put on his back has moved forward before we tried this girth). Definitely five stars! Also quick and efficient delivery all the way to Norway!

  7. Rose Bogumil (verified owner)

    Love this girth! I got the dressage one for my very fussy and picky dressage gelding. He did not mind me tightening this girth one bit and his movement was more fluid, he extended more, and just looked like he was one happy horse. That’s saying a lot because I have a hot blooded and very opinionated Polish Arabian and Arabians are usually very difficult to fit for just about anything .This girth fitted like a glove, it’s a wonderful product and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a positive change in better saddle fit and equine comfort.

  8. Samantha (verified owner)

    The best girth on the market!! I purchased this for my super sensitive chestnut mare in 2014 – her other girth had been causing rubs on her belly and her side. So after discovering Total Saddle Fit, I decided to try their dressage girth. Best purchase ever! My mare instantly loved it, and will not tolerate anything else! 3 years later, and the girth is still in wonderful condition despite taking a beating and when I actually clean it, it looks brand new! Just purchased the jumping girth as well since we just started some serious over fences work, and she and I are both just as happy with that one! Thanks Total Saddle Fit!

  9. Margo

    Absolutely adore these girths! My thoroughbred moves so freely in them and couldn’t be happier will buy one for my dressage saddle

  10. Jetta

    I absolutely love this girth! The quality is amazing. I’ve had mine for 7 months now. All cleaned up it looks brand new. It holds up well to use. I ride 5 days a week. Sadly this girth doesn’t for my horse. It’s putting too much pressure on one area. I think it all depends on your horse. I’m very disappointed. I was hoping it was going to work out because I still love it and don’t want to give my girth up!

  11. Dee

    I bought the shoulder relief girth with the elastic at the midline. I paid more than I’ve ever spent on a girth but my mare was getting girthy and I needed a solution. She has a very laid back shoulder so the old girth was tightened at a slant to the billets. Always had to retighten once riding due to the saddle slipping sideways. With my new girth I have no movement. I’m so pleased with this girth & my mare is no longer girthy. My only fear is that the elastic may stretch out. It doesn’t seem sturdy enough & I don’t know how it could be replaced.

  12. Linda Hurd (verified owner)

    I recently bought the dressage girth for my endurance saddle with english rigging. The size I ordered was the same size as my western cinch and the girth I received was a little big. I didn’t want to wait a few more days for the return of the right size, so I took it to a retailer (Dover) who exchanged it for the size I needed that day. I tried some steep hills and no slippage at all. I love this girth, but most of all my fox trotter loves it. Thank you TSF for caring about my horses comfort. Great quality and worth every penny.

  13. goodjillhunting

    I have 2 quite stout horses. A Belgium x Fresian and Norwegian Fjord. They make the saddle fit completely click. I wish I could add comp pictures.

  14. Christine Reed

    I have a very tuff Belgian mare, she has kissing spines in 3 different places causing discomfort. Tho it’s super manageable these days between the saddles I use and different therapies, there was still an extreme uncomfortability she was experiencing. I was given a TSF girth as a gift but hadn’t had anyone it fit until I tried it on this mare. This girth was the missing piece to her total comfort, she is truly a different horse now and I CANNOT use anything else.
    We thought she would never be capable of utilizing her amazing talent but now she is on her way to fulfilling our FEI eventing goals.
    Thank you TSF
    Stretch tec is next on our list.

  15. Christine Reed

    I have a very tuff Belgian Warmblood mare. She has kissing spines in 3 different places causing discomfort. Tho it’s super manageable these days between the saddles I use and different therapies, there was still an extreme uncomfortability she was experiencing. I was given a TSF girth as a gift but hadn’t had anyone it fit until I tried it on this mare. This girth was the missing piece to her total comfort, she is truly a different horse now and I CANNOT use anything else.
    We thought she would never be capable of utilizing her amazing talent but now she is on her way to fulfilling our FEI eventing goals.
    Thank you TSF
    Stretch tec is next on our list.

  16. Deanna Peters (verified owner)

    After months of trying different girths only to send them back, I discovered these girths. My horse is 15.3 and very short coupled and has a very small “sweet spot” for the girth to fit in. Most of the short girths I tried were either too padded or too wide and interfered with his elbow. He stands quietly while I tighten the girth and has moves much more freely when we gallop. I ended up buying both the leather and synthetic. Hubby swiped my synthetic for his TB so I’m getting yet another synthetic for my guy for xc. Also Cudo’s to customer service. They were very helpful!

  17. Lisa Davis (verified owner)

    High quality leather. Feels amazing. And really seems to help the horse move their shoulder!

  18. Jill Loskill (verified owner)

  19. Brigitte (verified owner)

    Great price, quality product and excellent shipping services. I received my girth in South Australia 7 days after ordering it!!
    The girth has made a substantial difference in the way my horse is going and the saddle if far more secure. Thank you

  20. Susannah C. (verified owner)

    Just bought a second one – awesome girth!

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

  22. Leanne K. (verified owner)

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This girth is just fantastic. Pony is incredibly happy which makes for a happy rider. Thank you TSF, I’ll be back in the future.

  24. DOREEN (verified owner)

  25. Linda (verified owner)

    Love the shoulder relief girth! I had already used my daughter’s, so I knew I liked it. Great for the horse! Love the stability leathers too!

  26. Vicki L. P. (verified owner)

    Perfect for my new horse.

  27. Anonymous (verified owner)

  28. James Woodard (verified owner)

    This girth is perfect, love it.

  29. Claire

    Fantastic girth. My OTTB does not get any rubs with this girth, nor is he girthy. The leather is higher quality than most girths in this price range. The elastic is stretchy but not too stretchy. The girth is very well padded but not bulky. I like the rolled edge. After three years of almost daily use the outside of the girth still looks brand new. The only visible wear is on the underside, where the dye has slightly faded. After a deep condition, this goes away. There is zero cracking. I haven’t found any rough spots. I do take good care of my tack, though. It gets wiped after every ride. I use a slightly damp rag and use my nail to get into the seams. I condition the girth monthly with Effax Lederbalsam. For deep cleans, I use Leder Combi and a toothbrush.

  30. Rachel

    My girthy Appendix loves this girth! His near always grumpy face is much improved when we saddle up with our Total Saddle Fit girth 🙂 I’ve been using it for months now, and it has held up wonderfully to the abuse of beach rides and long trail rides, and not always getting cleaned up like it deserves! It has never rubbed, it keeps the saddle in an ideal position, and it is GORGEOUS to look at. Love this girth!

  31. Nichola (verified owner)

    Still have not arrivieved. And the tracking option is not very good for international delivery

  32. Tina (verified owner)

    Everything was great, except the fact that I had to pay for the return on the girth. I had to add the cost of the return to the over all cost of the girth. All I wanted was a different size. However the return went very fast.

  33. Anonymous (verified owner)

    This product has helped my horse already! He’s more comfortable and moving well.

  34. brooke stember

    I love the concept of this girth but it gave both of my horses very bad girth rubs to the point of very raw bloody soars. Never had this happen with any previous girth’s. Will be returning, not happy as they have injured both my horses.

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