SLIM Stability Stirrup Leathers™

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Stirrup leathers just got a whole lot better. The SLIM Stability Stirrup Leathers’ wide-body design brings an unprecedented level of stability to a rider’s leg, while at the same time creates a smoothness on the flap that makes them disappear under the leg. Read below for more details…



Stirrup leathers just got a whole lot better. Try them out for 30 days, and if they don’t make a huge impact on your riding we will pay your return shipping! Offer only valid for US orders.

SLIM Stability Stirrup Leathers are now available in an intelligent low-profile design that removes the buckle bulkiness of traditional stirrup leathers from under the saddle skirt, leaving a rider feeling nothing but the comfort of the saddle. This unique design also allows a rider to configure the stirrup irons to be rotated 90° from traditional positioning to alleviate knee strain (see above photo gallery for example).

The SLIM Stability Stirrup Leathers’ wide-body design brings an unprecedented level of stability to a rider’s leg by providing a broader contact area on the saddle flap. Traditional 1 inch wide stirrup leathers have an inherent instability against the flap due to their height to width ratio. This either causes the two layers shift independently of one another, or the entire leather to rotate.

SLIM Stability Stirrup Leathers solve this problem by reducing the stirrup leathers to a single layer of leather and broadening the portion of the leathers that touch the flap. These 2 design elements provide an unparalleled level of stability not possible in traditional stirrup leathers.

The secondary benefit of this wide-body design, is the unbelievably smooth feeling under the rider’s leg. By the same mechanism that provides stability, they smooth out the transition from stirrup leather to saddle flap to create a feeling of “no leathers” under the leg. When this is paired with the ultra-slim design under the saddle skirt, it becomes the most comfortable stirrup leather available.

Another key benefit of the SLIM Stability Stirrup Leathers comes from the material selection. The wide portion of the leathers are made from a 4mm durable and supple buffalo hide to provide the necessary support for the stirrup leathers to function. The remaining portion is made from an ultra-thin nylon webbing wrapped in soft calfskin, with length adjusting buckles at the bottom.

SLIM Stability Stirrup Leathers are designed deliberately in two styles, either JUMP or DRESSAGE in sizes Small, Medium or Large, which fit like 48″, 54″ and 60″ traditional leathers, respectively.

More specifically the size ranges are as follows:

Jump Small: 17-22 inches

Jump Medium: 18-23 inches

Dressage Medium: 20-25inches

Dressage Large: 21-26 inches

Please note that due to the unique design of the SLIM Stability Stirrup Leathers, the irons (stirrups) cannot be “run up” onto the saddle flap for storage. They must be crossed over the seat of the saddle instead (or left in place).

Some third party independent reviews of the original (non-slim) Stability Stirrup Leathers:

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JUMP Brown SMALL (Fits like 48"), JUMP Brown MEDIUM (Fits like 54"), DRESSAGE Black MEDIUM (Fits like 54"), DRESSAGE Black LARGE (Fits like 60")

26 reviews for SLIM Stability Stirrup Leathers™

  1. Krista (verified owner)

    So far so good, but unfortunately they are too long for me, so became my mothers.

  2. JANET B. (verified owner)

    Couldn’t use too long and cant b made shorter

  3. Lysane (verified owner)

    I find these stirrup leathers to be very comfortable and they definitely do provide more stability. Love them!

  4. Kristen Closson (verified owner)

    I heard that these keep you more secure to the saddle but didn’t have a problem with the stirrup leather “cutting” my contact between the horse and the saddle. Or so I thought. I was thinking it was the calf area that it would secure but it was the upper park of my inner thigh on my big movers and below the knee on some of my lower level horses. And what a difference they make. Such an innovative product. Not sure how you research and drew this conclusion but I’m delighted you did. Thanks for our hard work.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Nice and slim under the thigh, but not short enough. I’m 5’4” and do low level eventing. The jumping length stirrup leathers on the top hole was the equivalent of my usual dressage length. I was a bit disappointed not to be able to try jumping in them as I could feel they swing less than my regular stirrup leathers so imagine they may help with lower leg stability. I think they would also be good on wide horses and wider saddles as the less bulk under the thigh meant my leg could drop down a little straighter and wrap around the horses side a little more.

  6. Lia

    I would like a dressage black medium instead of the LARGE. The stirrups leathers are really too long for me. I have them set at the 11th hole and cannot shorten them for trail rides, or when riding a young horse. Otherwise I truly enjoy riding in them.

  7. Kelli (verified owner)

    This has become one of my favorite pieces of equipment!! I’ve always fought with feeling the buckles or the tail of the leathers under my leg and these just disappear and do give your leg more stability!! If only there was a way to hook them up and not have to throw them over my saddle, they would be PERFECT!!

  8. Ashley

    I really like how slim these are. This was my first experience with both the stability shaped leathers and the slim bottom adjust concept, and I really like both features. However, the 54″ comparable brown pair are now on my dressage saddle. I usually ride in a 54 or 57″ leather – I am long legged and relatively tall but ride with more bend in my knee than some riders do – and am on the 7th hole of these leathers when riding dressage. I purchased these for my jump saddle, but hope they will come out with a 48″ version of the leathers as I have to double/roll the bottom portion to make them short enough. I really wanted the slim style for my jump saddle so the buckles don’t dig into my thighs, and will definitely buy them in 48″ if they become available. The leathers themselves are really nice, but are too long for the purpose I purchased them for.

  9. Stephanie Schmermund (verified owner)

    Very happy with my new purchase. Have had a Wintec for 10 years and the sturrip pleathers started cracking last season, I knew I was going to have to invest in a nice pair. I’m 54 years old, riding and owning horses for years. When I saw these advertised a couple years ago, I thought, what cool idea. Especially if you’re an aging, active rider. Then, the next version arrived. No buckle at the upper inner thigh. Now, that’s a concept that really makes sense, and the sturrips were able to be buckled in a way that provided knee relief.
    So, had my first lesson of the season, and oooh, the buckles on my Pleathers, killed me. So I decided a few days afterwards, it was time. Time to move into the 21st Century and get rid of those damned buckles.

    I already have cool sturrip irons that have a wide foot pad. So getting these sturrip leathers that you can adjust to 90 degrees is just wonderful for aging knees.

    I’m 5’3, i bought the 54 inch jumping leathers. The leather is beautiful. Underneath is leather that is sewn on that is buttery soft and makes a nice keeper for the buckle leather. I started off at #3, trotted around, too long. 5 is my number.

    Beautiful craftsmanship, excellent concept.

    I was concerned about the price, especially since the pandemic is going on and spending that money might be a dumb dumb thing to do. But, the smart equestrian in me said, Broken Pleather, broken bones. Buy it! Used the offered 4 payment system, Kalara,, I think, very easy. Made buying these less painful in many ways. Thanks so much for bringing this concept forward. My inner thighs thank you too! Stephanie.

  10. Jennifer R. Schantz

    Loved these, but they ended up being too long for my daughter once they stretched out a tiny bit. TSF, please make a shorter version!

  11. Ashley

    I love these leathers, the only thing that’s keeping me from giving them 5 stars is I wish they came in a shorter length in black. At the very last hole and could ideally use at least one or two holes shorter for more adjustment options.

    (Note: I purchased these through Riding Warehouse last year.)

  12. Emily M. (verified owner)

    I originally bought the 54″ length back in June, though the shortest hole was still too long for my jump length. I used them on my dressage saddle instead in the meantime as I waited for the shorter lengths to be released. The service team told me they would be released in approximately a month and they were right! I bought the 48″ right away and they even arrived early!! I returned my longer ones (used but hardly abused) and received my refund in a timely manor. LOVE this company and it’s high quality products and services!

  13. Anonymous (verified owner)

  14. James Woodard (verified owner)

    Better stability, easier to keep leg still right fr the first step. Very comfortable under the leg. It aids in both stability and easier movement when I need it, plus better contact. A new ” must have” for me.

  15. Amber H. (verified owner)

    Worth every penny. Unfortunately I waited an entire year for the smaller size. Turns out I needed a size medium after all. The smaller size is 2 inches shorter which brings the buckle up 2 inches higher. If you have a regular flap saddle that will not work for you. The buckle ends up right underneath the flap where it could rub. Now that I have the correct size this was the best purchase I’ve made in a long time. Highly recommended

  16. Michele (verified owner)

    Thank you for making the shorter versions! I had tried them before, but they were too long for me. I ordered the Small Jump, and I LOVE them! Please make the Dressage in Small as well!

  17. Becky (verified owner)

    I got these because the buckle under my leg was leaving bruises and was very uncomfortable. These leathers completely removed that problem! They were easy to install and use, and the ability to turn the stirrups 90 degrees has helped me keep my stirrups at the canter and keeping my feet in the correct position.

  18. Erica Lacher (verified owner)

    Love them but even the smalls don’t go short enough for 5’4″ me

  19. Ellyn S. (verified owner)

  20. Gemma Holmes (verified owner)

    Stunning leathers, beautiful quality. Excellent service, my first set went missing and another was sent out immediately after my enquiry. If I had one negative comment it would be that the brown on the main part of the leathers is too bright and doesn’t match my saddle, but I might try turning them around as the darker brown matches it perfectly.

  21. JANE (verified owner)

    I have an arthritic ankle and these make fishing the stirrup so much easier! Comfortable under my leg. Good looking. I will recommend them whole heartedly!

  22. Julie Schmidt (verified owner)

    Haven’t arrived yet?!
    I now have them but they are different to the video and displayed product ?

  23. Anonymous (verified owner)

    It actually makes a huge difference on leg stability, incredible. Thank you

  24. Selena K. (verified owner)

    Great products and great service! Thank you and I highly suggest people order directly from Total Saddle Fit!

  25. Abigale

    I decided to splurge and buy these leathers, definitely a great purchase! They match my saddle nicely and are made of super soft leather. The only thing I don’t like is that you can’t run them up, but other than that they’re great!
    I am 5’9 w/long legs and got the medium 54” jump leathers

  26. Birgitte Lutken (verified owner)

    Received mine 6 months ago and have used them daily. In terms of use they’re really good, but sadly the top (wide) part of the leather have stretched considerably but not equally. I always use a mounting block and so don’t put weight in them until I’m actually in the saddle so I assume the horse and/or me aren’t equally balanced in our left and right side. Still it was a bit of a surprise that they stretched so much.

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