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Western saddle pads will never be the same. From the Wither Freedom™ cutback to a full saddle fitting system, the PERFECT Saddle Pad™ is a game changer. Read below for more details…

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By popular demand and after years of refinement, we’re proud to introduce the PERFECT Saddle Pad™! It is designed with everything you’d expect out of a top-of-the-line 100% wool saddle pad, but with a plethora of performance and comfort features you won’t find anywhere else.

The PERFECT Saddle Pad™ comes with Wither Freedom™, which is a cutback design over the withers that completely removes any downward pressure on a horse’s sensitive withers. It also allows for more clearance and less bulk under the front of the saddle. Our Wither Freedom™ is paired with a vented topline and a 1.5 inch open channel over the topline to eliminate pressure on a horse’s spine.

In addition, the Western Six Point Saddle Pad™ comes with a full saddle fitting system to precisely dial in the saddle balance, rider weight and panel contact over the horse’s back. The discrete pockets on the underside of the pad allow for a vast arrangement of shim options to address the majority of saddle adjustments. You can fix bridging saddles, rocking saddles, crooked saddles and more.

The PERFECT Saddle Pad™ also comes with the following features:

  • Fully vented and open spine channel.
  • 25mm thick, 100% wool pad body.
  • Cutaway at the base of the pad for a slimmer feel on the rider’s leg.
  • Comes with one complete set of 6mm felt shims (6 total shims).
  • Backed by our 30 day 100% money back promise, so you can be sure it’s the perfect pad for you and your horse. Feel free to really use it!

Available in 3 sizes:

  • SMALL (28″) Rounded/Barrel
  • MEDIUM (30″) Square
  • LARGE (32″) Square

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Black – Small Rounded/Barrel (28"), Black – Medium (30"), Black – Large (32")

6 reviews for PERFECT Saddle Pad™ – Western

  1. Tandra Hefley

    Absolutely the most advanced saddle pad ever! No pressure on my boys withers or spine! He seems much happier! When I bought the Shoulder Relief Cinch I thought it couldn’t get any better! WRONG! The 6 point Western Saddle Pad is the last step in making sure my boy is comfortable and has the freedom of movement to run! I highly recommend anyone and everyone get the Total Saddle Fit with this cinch and pad!

  2. Tandra Hefley

    Best saddle pad ever made! Absolutely no pressure on his back or withers!

  3. Brewster (verified owner)

    I brought the shoulder relief grit about 2 years ago loved it. Got the western pad for a hard to fit horse and have used it with 2 different saddles that had 2 different fit problems (one would move to the right a caldwell and the other was a martin saddle that was wider in the gullet was able to solve problem with each saddle on same horse.

  4. Deej

    Would have loved to order, but need a rounded skirt in the 30 inch size…. Looks like an awesome pad!

  5. Kelly (verified owner)

    I ordered one to try (30 days to return was a game changer for trying out an expensive pad), and ended up ordering a 2nd one! I love these pads and being able to shim them for my older horses. My Arab typically doesn’t like wool or stiff pads, but he likes this one! The material is soft yet firm, but not too stiff. Now I’m just waiting for a 1/2″ version 🙂

  6. Carmen Rowe (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this pad and the shoulder relief girth and so do both of my horses, I use this with a Bob Marshall treeless saddle and the shoulder relief girth and all together they are perfect, no more soreness, no more rubbing, way more freedom of movement, we do a lot of trail riding in the mountains and ride for Several hours a day several days in a row and this pad and girth combo have made a world of difference for my horses. Highly recommended.

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