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Welcome! Why carry Total Saddle Fit Products?

Here are a handful of facts that might help:

    • Multiple girths/cinches with 5 star reviews on Amazon, with the Shoulder Relief Cinch named as
    • 100’s of unsolicited glowing customer reviews and testimonials
    • TSF pads and girths used at Rio Olympics, Pan Am Games and RK3DE
    • Patent pending (protected) designs
    • Featured on: Chronicle of the Horse, Eventing Nation, Horse Radio Network, Horse Listening, Horse Nation, Western Horseman, Barrel Racing News, and many more!
    • Most discussed girths/cinches on Facebook, with thousands of comments and discussion threads.

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Note that we have a Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Policy for our core products. Read it here:

MAP Policy

Thanks for being a beloved Total Saddle Fit retailer!  Here are some bits of information to help you promote, sell and answer questions for the products:

FAQs & Marketing Help

Girth FAQs for Retailers

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CINCH Marketing Points


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Promotional/Advertising Content

The following are Facebook dimension images you can download and post to promote the Total Saddle Fit items you offer.
FB Sarah Skeleton Brn

FB Sarah Skeleton Neo




FB ST Tamie Circle Close Up

FB ST Annotated

FB Synth Tamie Close Up

FB ST On Fence
FB barrel race cinch FB StretchTec 1 FB Orange Background Pad FB Orange Background Pad NO SHIM FB How SRG Different Than Regular FB SRG New Style w Annotation FB SRG Original FB Synthetic Ad FB SRG Ad FB Synthetic Ad 2 FB Cinches New BROWN FB Cinches New BLACK FB Cinch NEO White FB Cinch FLEECE KerrI Frazier FB Cinch Felt White FB Cinch Felt KerrI Frazier FB Cinch BRN NEO KerrI Frazier FB Cinch BLK NEO KerrI Frazier FB Brown Cinch Old Fashion FB BLK FLC Cinch Old Fashion FB BLACK Cinch Old Fashion