Articles & Reviews

By now you've probably heard some delightful ranting and raving about the  Shoulder Relief Girth and the Six Point Saddle Pad. And if you scour our website you can tell we're pretty obsessed with them too!  Here is a chance to see what others think.

All of these articles have been written by unpaid 3rd parties:


The first-ever review of the Shoulder Relief Girth! Covers dressage and jumping. Note: this was written long before we advertised on EN.

Great write-up from a customer using the jumping girth on her eventing Cob.

A skeptical customer shares her thoughts on both the Six Point Saddle Pad and the Shoulder Relief Girth.

An Eventer talks about her experience with the dressage girth and how it compares to her old traditional straight girth.

After her experience with the dressage girth, and Eventer gets a jumping girth as a present.  Watch the video of her riding in it!

Dressage trainer Morgane Schmidt goes into incredible detail about all the aspects of the Shoulder Relief Girth she experienced.

A dressage rider covers the improvements her schoolmaster went through with the Shoulder Relief Girth.